My Summer Library Checklist

July 10, 2013

Summertime is the perfect time for working on special projects, catching up on reading, taking a vacation, or grilling something yummy. The wonderful thing about the Library is the fact that we can offer you information on whatever it is you’re looking for! So, as you create your summer checklist, add a visit to your library to help you out!

  • Take a vacation – We have books about traveling to all sorts of places: Italy, France, Mexico, and many more! If you prefer to stay in the United States, we also have traveling books for places such as Branson, the Grand Canyon, the Smoky Mountains, Las Vegas, and other great places to stay or visit in America!
  • Watch a movie – The Library has plenty of videos to choose from: new videos we just added to our collection, new feature films that were just released, juvenile videos, television series, and more!
  • Read! – Whether you need to catch up on your personal reading list or try something new, we’re here for you! You can search for anything you want using our online catalog, or you can check the list of new materials we have received for something that might pique your interest. The Library also has audiobooks and downloadable eBooks to try!
  • Landscape the yard – If your yard looks like mine, it needs some sprucing up! The Library has plenty of books to help you fix up your lawn, garden, and other areas that might make your neighbors wish you would move to another town! 
  • Improve home – My honey-do list has grown now that we’ve lived in our current home for several years. It seems like there’s always something that needs fixing or needs to be updated. Thankfully, I know I can rely on my Library to help me find books or online resources to help. And I can also rely on my husband to do most of the work!
  • Try a new recipe – I LOVE cooking and trying out new recipes! My favorite thing to do is bake delicious desserts. One of the best things about working at the Library is that I get to see different cookbooks being checked in and out that I can put a hold on for myself! The Library has soooooo many different cookbooks that I think I could probably try a new recipe every day for the rest of my life and never run out!
  • Get in better shape – Summer = swimsuit season, which means I should attempt to try and get in better shape and tone my body. The Library has a great selection of different workout videos including some of my favorites – yoga, Dancing With the Stars, Step Up to Dance, and other aerobic dancing videos.

As you create your summer checklist, please feel free to use anything I’ve put in mine! And for additional items on your list, check with us for resources you need. We’ll be happy to help!

Laura C.
Excelsior Springs Branch


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