My Library Story

April 12, 2011

I remember the first time I checked out library books. The bookmobile came to our neighborhood, and I got to check out two books. I chose Mildred, the Rain Cloud by Arthur L. Smith and Jean Berwick and Tell Me About the Weather. I have no idea why I decided on those, but there were so many for an 8 year old to choose from!

Mildred was born a little fluffy white cloud. She loved to play with the children. But as Mildred got bigger, she got darker, the children were afraid of her, and she began to cry. Then, the children would not come out and play with her anymore.

More than twenty years later, when I began to work at the library, we still had those books. Unfortunately, I did not find them as I began this blog. But, what joy when I found a new picture book to buy this week and two more that the library already has about little rain clouds. Cloudette, by Tom Lichtenheld, Little Cloud and Lady Wind by Toni Morrison, and Stormy: a Storm Cloud's Story, by Joanne Randolph.

I didn't know when I checked out those first two books that I would be a librarian, but I have loved books and, especially, stories ever since!

What is your library story?

Ros S.
Antioch Branch


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