Meet Our Staff-Introducing Angela M.

April 04, 2013

This month's blogs will focus on introducing you to some of our exceptional staff at MGC. To start us off, meet Angela M.

Angela’s first brush with genealogy happened when her son, John, came home with a high school family history project. Angela and John went to visit grandma. Right off the top of her head, grandma rattled off the names of five generations in the family. Angela asked her if this was written down. Upon getting a negative reply, Angela asked if she could record it. So, grandma rattled off the names again, with Angela writing as fast as she could. (By the way, John received an A for this project!) And Angela was hooked on a life-long pursuit. Who knew it would also lead to a rewarding career here at the Midwest Genealogy Center! This is why Angela loves to schedule high school groups to come for extended research workshops.

Angela’s most exciting find was when she discovered her husband’s ancestors and her family’s ancestors were neighbors in 1790. Right there on the same census page for Harford County, Maryland were Mike’s ancestors and Angela’s. His family eventually went north. Angela’s family migrated south.

Angela was able to break through one of her brick walls by using the FAN method--Families And Neighbors. By tracing a brother, Angela finally found her German ancestors who came over in the 1870s from Megan, Westphalia, Germany.

Angela loves the county history books we have here at the Midwest Genealogy Center, especially the ones published early in the 19th century. They are very scholarly and detailed works. You have to actually sit down and read them, word for word, because the good parts are not indexed.

The Mid-Continent Public Library databases Angela likes the best are the ones in the history genre. One she particularly likes to read through is the British and Irish Women’s Letters and Diaries.

Angela is a long-time and faithful user of the website RootsWeb. "It always amazes me what volunteers can do." She also loves the contact with others through the message boards and email lists.

Charlotte M. & Angela M.
Midwest Genealogy Center


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