Make Up Your Mind Day

December 26, 2012

Make Up Your Mind Day is December 31th. Merriam Webster defines the mind as "the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and reasons." Make Up Your Mind day is getting rid of all the indecision and taking your position in whatever you are struggling with.

I read somewhere that the adult human brain has approximately 100 billion neurons and form new ones through its lifetime. Dr. Jeffery Schwartz claims in The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force that humans do have control over the workings of the brain, that we can control the functioning of the brain. So if we have the ability to control things like anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, surely we can make a decision. I know you should ponder situations to make sure you have all the info, but come on; why is it so hard for some people, vacillating back and forth. Sometimes you just have to commit and just do it. As for me, on Make Up Your Mind Day, I have made up my mind to read How the Mind Works by Steven Pinker. Or, maybe I will read Norman Doidge’s book, The Brain that Changes Itself, or maybe Unleash the power of the Female Brain: 12 Hours to a Radical New You by Daniel Amen.

I feel so indecisive. Oh well, I can procrastinate until December 31th; then I will just have to make up my mind.

Deborah J
Blue Springs North Branch


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