A Look at the U S Post Office

December 01, 2010

As winter approaches and the holiday season nears, I want to say a word about the post office, the U.S. Post Office that is. Every year, I hear all this guff about long lines, surly clerks, and delayed packages. Item one: how long have we known Christmas will come on December 25? All our lives, right? So, why wait to mail when you know the score. Item two: what attitude do you take into the post office? Whose problem is it that everyone wants to express love and caring during the holidays?

Anyway, I like to look at it another way. I love the masses of people who are out during the holiday season. Everyone at the post office is taking time and money to send something special to people, literally all over the globe. Packages to armed forces personnel, distant relatives, extended families, young couples newly relocated from their families, and children of families separated by court actions. I love the scene: small people carrying large parcels, kids underfoot, people who barely speak English trying to get their packages sent far away to addresses that postal clerks don’t recognize, and the folks with stacks of Christmas cards. Each one means that someone will receive something special . . . maybe not before December 25, but then any day is a good day for a special package or letter.

Bob B.
Claycomo Branch

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