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November 03, 2011

In an effort to draw in even more members, Amazon has announced their Kindle Lending Library available to Amazon Prime Members. This new development is Amazon's way of breaking into the library market, but it brings up a great opportunity to remind you how much your library brings to you FOR FREE!

Price of Membership:
Amazon Lending Library: $79 a year for Amazon Prime + must have a Kindle (Kindle apps do not work with Lending Library)
MCPL: Free

Number of Books you can checkout:
Amazon Lending Library: One a month.
MCPL: 200 items at a time.

Number of titles available:
Amazon Lending Library: Currently about 5,000 eBooks.
MCPL: Currently over 3,420,258 books, movies, eBooks, CDs, and audiobooks.

Due Dates:
Amazon Lending Library: None. Your one item must be turned in before you can check out another.
MCPL: All items check out for 28 days (except brand new DVDs are 7 days).

Amazon Lending Library: Books can only be checked out at on Kindles registered on your Amazon account.
MCPL: You can check out your items at any of the 33 locations throughout the city AND return items to any location.

Item Variety:
Amazon Lending Library: Includes more than 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers available as eBooks.
MCPL: Includes thousands of New York Times Bestsellers available as eBooks, books, audiobooks, and the Library provides you access to book clubs, reviews, librarians, and Reader's Advisory tools to help you choose what to read.

It's your choice. Use Amazon's Lending Library to borrow books for a price, or use your local public library to borrow books for free.

Jessica F.
Marketing and Communications Department


kindle app

Why doesn't the library checkout support kindle apps?


i love it i loveyou

Helpfulness of sight is horible.

After weeks of going to my local library for help to access the online books for my kindle. I finley went to another library and she gave me more help but the search engins for spacific devices are limited and convoluted. Why can I not pick my device and available books for download?


This is a FANTASTIC post! Love the side-by-side comparisons: there's no doubt, library services ROCK - MCPL's in particular!

I will say this, as a -bonus- to the shipping that comes with Amazon Prime, the book-a-month deal is nice. Like icing, I guess. I'm already paying for the 2-day shipping, oh, you want to loan me a book as well, Didn't ask for it, but, okay! Nice!

But I would never, ever, ever consider dropping $79 -JUST FOR- the Lending Library. (And... I know I shouldn't be picky, but as icings go, it's pretty thin if we're being perfectly honest.)

Makes me proud to work for the library - it's just such a fantastic service!

- Mariah H.
Reference Resources


I LOVE this blog! Easier to understand how big of a difference there is! I actually had a friend on FB that posted how she wasn't sure where to get books on her new Kindle and was wondering if anyone else had some so that they could "share" instead of her having to buy the books off Amazon. I posted that she should check out MCPL because of all the choices that the Library has that are FREE! She was thrilled!

Not enough kindle supported ebooks at MCPL

I love MCPL for the multitude of items available, except for kindle ebooks. There just aren't enough available yet and the ones that are available have really long waiting lists. That's another thing I don't understand. Why would an ebook have a limit on the number available?

eBook collection is growing all the time!

MCPL has increased its eBook budget substantially this fiscal year. Last year's budget was approximately $45,000 and this year we have designated $500,000 for eBook purchases. Regarding the limit on the number available, because of digital rights management and licensing, publishers require us to pay for individual copies just like we do for print books. We do watch the growth of waiting lists on popular titles and purchase additional copies to keep your wait time as low as possible. I hope this has helped to explain a little more about how our eBook purchasing works.

Amy Caviness
Electronic Resources Manager
Mid-Continent Public Library

Amazon vs. MCPL

I have to wonder about the “more than 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers” available from the Amazon Lending Library. Publishers Weekly noted on November 2, that none of the big six publishers are participating in the program. The big six publishers are Random House, Simon & Schuster, HaperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin and Hachette and they produce the majority of popular literary and genre fiction.

Rather than pay $79 a year for the “free” lending service which will allow me only 1 title at a time, I will stay with the service provided by the library. I can have 20 titles checked out at one time and can personalize the lending period.

Kudos on an Interesting and Educational Article

Jessica, I like how your blog compares the services in a manner that is simple and to-the-point. Wow, we have a lot of items available for free at MCPL!
Anna G.
Colbern Road

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