Kindle for Kiddies

October 10, 2011

E-books are not just for adults. The other day, I brought my daughter home from Pre-K, and her grandpa excitedly called her to his computer. He had downloaded The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree , and was eager to show her how the story played on his desktop’s Kindle software.

She climbed on his lap, listened to him read the words, and pointed to the illustrations on the screen. The next day, my dad had downloaded four more titles for her. I like how our eBooks not only combine literacy and technology, but also provide a wonderful bonding experience for multiple generations of my family. 

What are you waiting for? Download a tale to share today!

Anna G.
Colbern Road Branch


...Spooky Old Tree

Anna G., you are so right. Sharing books is a grandparent two-fer: sharing time together and fostering a love for reading. I'm glad this title is available - I especially like the "one with the shivers"!

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