Keep Calm and Cast On

December 01, 2013

Every fall, it happens. You’d think I’d come to expect it, but it always takes me by surprise. About a week ago, I was struck once again by the sudden urge to make personalized Christmas presents.

I began this year’s quest by perusing the stacks of my local MCPL branch. Knitting books caught my eye. I leafed through 50 Knitted Gifts for Year-Round Giving and saw several patterns for hats. Aha! Stocking caps shouldn’t be too hard, I rationalized. I found several books containing patterns:

Books in hand, I went to visit my friend, the expert knitter. Two patterns were for novices and might work. Yesterday, I spent a ridiculously long period of time choosing yarn. Last night while I slept, my two cats scattered those skeins of yarn throughout the house. Could this be an omen? Will my gifts be finished on time?

Over the years, I have learned to cope with this malady. I include a Plan B, which consists of an “emergency” gift to purchase in the event my handmade present is not finished in time. I try to come up with ideas that are easy to find and not too expensive. I then complete my project and give it to the intended recipient at a future date. The way I figure it, stocking caps should still be needed in February!

Bev F.
Parkville Branch


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