It's That Time of Find Financial Aid!

December 29, 2010

"No more pencils! No more books! No more teachers’ dirty looks!" Many know this rhyme which is often sung by young children at the end of the school year or at the beginning of any break. However, the sentiment is felt by plenty of older students as well. Unfortunately for those who feel this way and are considering college, now is not the time to forget the teachers and the books.

Scholarships and financial aid are widely available, but there are deadlines. Many colleges and universities want a FAFSA (a Free Application for Federal Student Aid) filled out by March. Any student getting financial aid is required to fill out the FAFSA in order to receive any kind of financial support, even if the student does not expect to receive federal financial aid.

MCPL has web resources that can make choosing a school and finding financial aid much easier. Simply go to the Online Resources tab, click Web Resources, then choose among the options under Education, or click here.

One of the topics under Education is Financial Aid. Clicking this topic will bring up a variety of resources, including a link to the FAFSA website. Another option under Financial Aid is the Financial Aid Finder. This helpful website has information on scholarships and other financial aid opportunities including a list of scholarships, which has hundreds of awards.

Homework may be challenging at times, but looking for scholarships doesn’t have to be. These resources can greatly decrease the "homework" time for choosing a school and finding financial aid.

Rachael B.
Camden Point Branch


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