Is it January yet?!?!

December 05, 2011

This is the question my friends and I begin to ask each other in September as we begin to anticipate our return to Haiti. It's that time of year again. and in addition to making my sixth trip to Haiti, I'll be heading to El Salvador for the first time in January.
I don't know about you, but I like to know about the places I'm going. While books are nice, did you know that we have excellent online Geography and Travel resources? You can find recipes from the country you'll be visiting, listen to their national anthem, learn about their customs and courtesies, lifestyle, society, as well as information about population, language, land and climate. Here are a few things I found out when I compared El Salvador to Haiti using our World Geography and Culture Online database...

  • Roadways (km): El Salvador 10,886.0; Haiti 4, 160.0
  • Area (sq km): El Salvador 21,040.0; Haiti 27,750.0
  • Electricity Production (kWh): El Salvador 4,426,000,000.0; Haiti 330,000,000.0
  • Birth Rate (Births/1,000 Population): El Salvador 18.1; Haiti 28.7
  • Population: El Salvador 6,052,064; Haiti 9,203,083

So whether you'll be traveling soon or are just curious, head to our website and check out our Online Resources!

Sharon Z.
Smithville Branch


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