How the Library Saved the Day! (True Story)

February 02, 2012

One of the many unfortunate events that happened recently in my family was when the car key broke inside the ignition. Little to my surprise, I thought, how can that happen? Luckily, we had extra keys for the car, but first we had to get the broken key out.
My husband attempted many trials on his own to release the broken key from the ignition, but to no avail, nothing seemed to work. I tried to convince my husband to check out the Automotive and Small Engines section from the library’s Research Databases. After exhausting all possibilities, he gave in and took my advice.
From, he was able to find the solution to this mega problem. There were written instructions, as well as a video on how to remove the ignition lock cylinder and release the broken key.
And that’s how the library saved the day and money too.
Denise B.
Raytown Branch

Tags: online resources, databases


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