How I Stay Healthy

July 11, 2013

I try to maintain good health habits – eating right, exercising, all that nonsense. In the summer, I also love to jog at the high school track across the street from my house. All of my fellow exercisers laboring around the track have earbuds in their ears. I always wonder what they are listening to.

Since I’m more into books than music, I’m more likely to listen to an audiobook. That’s probably why I have so much trouble picking up my pace. I’ve downloaded books using MCPL’s OneClickdigital service, and OverDrive also provides audiobooks. Maybe, I need to download a fast-paced suspenseful mystery so I’ll be ready for a 5K.

I’m also more likely to listen to NPR rather than music when I exercise, and they always seem to be interviewing authors of the most interesting books. I don’t usually read nonfiction (unless it’s a cookbook), but I heard about two titles that I’d like to share with you. One was The Boys In The Boat by Daniel Brown. It’s about the American Crew team that competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. I was listening to this interview on Independence Day, and it made me proud to be an American. The second nonfiction title I heard about was Surgeon In Blue: Jonathan Letterman, the Civil War Doctor Who Pioneered Battlefield Care by Scott McGaugh. Another topic I'd never really thought about, but the interviewer on NPR really grabbed my interest.

So, I’ll continue to try to be healthy while listening to my audiobooks. Any suggestions for a good listen?

Cheryl P.
Riverside Branch


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