Here is Spring

April 08, 2013

Okay. So here is spring. I have a house and a lawn. What do I do with it? I need to change the grass from the nasty brown/yellow color. I need flowers out there. I need to do something about the trees with giant limbs that are breaking because of the heavy snow that weighted them down. And, this is the year (I swear it this time) I'm going to grow my own vegetables.
But here's the problem. I have the exact opposite of a green thumb. I once killed a plastic plant. Plastic! Have you ever gone through the gardening department at Home Depot? You know all the shrubs and flowers they have about? The entire botanical section starts to shake and quiver as if an El Niño-inspired gust has gone through the place. Word must have gotten out about how I am a killer of plants.

But I want to grow as a person, experience new things. Having lived most of my adult life in urban settings or apartments, I have never had the luxury of my own lawn and a large back yard until this year. I want to plant, grow, and beautify all sorts of things. I'm even thinking of building a koi pond or at least a water/rock garden to call my own.

There was a time when tackling these projects would have required two tools: my telephone and my checkbook. But things are different. Economics have a role, of course, but so does my desire to work hard and create something on my own. I am beyond thrilled that not only are there plenty of books here in my local branch filled with instructions on how to plant, grow, and maintain flowers, vegetables, fruit, and other plants, but there are also books on how to improve the lawn with landscaping, building ponds, and rock and water gardens.

But that is just the very beginning of what the Library can provide. After checking our Research Databases, a click on DIY and Hobbies opened up a whole world of online reference, from gardening journals to step-by-step home improvement and lawn care databases. This is a fantastic resource to take advantage of at no cost!

Enjoy your spring, and when you see the prettiest lawn in the neighborhood...well, that'll be mine!

Tim P.
Smithville Branch


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