Have You Read a Book Lately?

August 27, 2012

Have you been living up to your New Year's Resolution to read more? Does 6 in 12 sound familiar? This year the Library has challenged any adult above the age of 18 to read any 6 books. Are you still reading? I'll admit, I'm still reading, but I haven't been taking the time to keep track of my titles and submit them to Even though I know each entry gets me closer to a chance at one of the 5 eReaders that will be given away at the end of the year. Sigh. Sometimes life gets away from you.

Luckily, I still have lots of time to read, and so do you! All you have to do to start the program, or pick up where you left off, is to submit your title(s) to or ask a staff member at any branch to submit them for you! Even a lapsed reader can still win!

Don't forget, eBooks, audiobooks, and even comic books count! There is no number of entries too high and no number too low, so keep reading and turning in your titles to become a winner!

Jessica F.
Marketing and Communications Dept.


6 in 12 on Goodreads

MCPL has a Goodreads page. Go to to join. There is a discussion thread on the site to discuss the 6 in 12 Challenge. Join us in discussing what books you are reading.

Amy Fisher
Information & Reader Services Manager


I'm disappointed that you have to login to Facebook to see what others are reading. Why is that?

Re: Facebook

We are using Facebook as our social network to connect 6 in 12 readers. To join the group you must have a Facebook login. This is a Facebook requirement for joining a group. We are always open to suggestions, so let us know if you can think of a better way to foster sharing!

Love the reading challenge

I never tracked the books I read before the 6 in 12 challenge. Since starting the challenge, I have faithfully tracked all the titles I've read. I'm amazed that I am currently listening to my 38th title! Of those titles, only two were printed books, the rest were audiobooks on CD or downloaded to my phone using OverDrive Media Console. My dog walks have become so much more fun now that I can listen to books using my phone and downloaded audiobooks from the library!

RE: Love the reading challenge

I, too, have discovered the fun of using OverDrive on my phone. It is so easy to download an audiobook title and have it play while I drive, clean, or play with my daughter. I also can't resist being able to go from browsing eBooks to reading in less than 5 minutes with OverDrive. It sure makes long lines and waiting rooms seem much faster!

6 in 12

Is there a way to know how many books a person has logged in?

Re: 6 in 12

Our 6 in 12 entry systems works like a ballot box, once it goes it there isn't really a way to track the titles you have submitted. I have had many people say they are using GoodReads or other programs/apps to track their titles.
The great thing about the 6 in 12 challenge is that you can read 1 title, 6 titles, or even 600 titles, and each book still earns you an entry into the drawing!

6 in 12

thanks! I just didnt want to forget that I logged in a book and log it in again.

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