Have An MPACT on Your Special Needs Child's Education

January 21, 2011

Being the grandmother of a child with Asperger's Syndrome, I have watched my daughter struggle with the responsibility of being the parent of a special needs child. School is quite challenging for my grandson as he tries to navigate in a world that he doesn't see the way other children do. To him, his view of the world is the normal one, and we are all aliens. He has anxiety attacks that are quite scary for him, and this causes him to act out aggressively. This leads to an out of school suspension that is hard on everyone involved. After his last out of school suspension, my daughter contacted MPACT and a representative came with her to help facilitate my grandson's entrance back into the classroom.  While working with her MPACT representative, it was discovered that my grandson's IEP (Individual Education Plan) was not the right one for him, and needed to be modified to lessen his classroom anxiety. My daughter and grandson were helped immensely by their presence. My daughter gained insight into being an effective advocate for her child's education. For this reason, I am glad to share this next bit of information with anyone who has a special needs child in the public school system.

Starting January 28th 2011, the Smithville Branch of Mid-Continent Library is having a series of programs during the months of January, February, and March. They will be geared toward parents of special needs children. The organization that will be putting on these programs is called MPACT. MPACT is a statewide parent training and information center that serves parents of children with all disabilities. Their primary goal is to assist parents in their effort to effectively advocate for their children's educational rights and services. MPACT staff and volunteers are located throughout Missouri, and work with public and private agencies, parent groups, professional organizations and advocacy groups to achieve that goal.

We are excited to offer these very informative programs to the public. Please check our website for dates and times and registration.

Shari E.
Smithville Branch


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