Happy "Reading" With Audiobooks

June 24, 2011

Hello. I am D.W. I will be telling you about my experiences with audiobooks and encouraging you to use them in a number of ways over the coming months.

This month, I would like to focus on introducing you and your family to the classic children’s books we are aware of but either have never actually read or read years ago. Audiobooks are also a way to start the reading process for children who are reluctant to read, especially during the summer months. I usually listen to stories during my drive time. It makes time in the car seem shorter and opens discussions as the stories unfold. 

The most surprising story was Mary Poppins. We are all aware of the Disney movie, but how many of us have read any of the books written around this character? I found the story to be so different from the familiar movie; I can almost say it was a completely different story. I liked the book, but would advise you to warn your children before you begin this book. (This is true of most books made into children’s movies: Peter Pan, Cinderella, The Swiss Family Robinson, Jungle Book, etc.).

Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling is one I listened to on shorter trips, from Lone Jack to Lee’s Summit and back. This was a chance to re-introduce myself to stories I remembered from my childhood, but had not read or heard in a number of years. Memories were opened up in my mind of my school days and gave me a chance to tell my children about my days in school and the changes in the world since then.

My last categories of children’s books that I have listened to are modern series that may become accepted as “classics” in the future. My most recent choice in this area was the Harry Potter series. Over a number of months, I listened to all seven books. I can say that they were very entertaining stories, and I am glad I became familiar with them. I can also now understand why they were so popular when they came out.

I hope I have been able to help some of you to discover this resource, and show others a different use for audiobooks. They have become a daily part of my life, and have enhanced it beyond what I imagined. Often only thought of as a way for older people and those losing their sight to continue "reading", now I think of audiobooks as a resource for people of all ages.

Happy "reading" from D.W.

Debby W.
Lone Jack Branch


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