Great Words to Share with Your Kids

July 27, 2010

When your child is learning their ABC’s, you may not be aware, but they are abecedarians.  What does that mean exactly? According to, an abecedarian (pronounced ey-bee-see-dair-ee-uhn) is a person who is learning the letters of the alphabet.   So next time your child is learning their ABC’s, you can tell them how proud you are of your abecedarian.

When your child is coloring with crayons or chalk he/she is not just coloring.  According to the American Dictionary of the English Language published in 1880, they are chalcographers.  A chalcographer is someone who works with the medium of chalk or crayons.

So enjoy your time with your abecedarian chalcographers as next week they might be learning something…neoteric.


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