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January 22, 2013

Alright, I have something rather neat to share with all of you. Mid-Continent Public Library has a fantastic resource called ed2go (Education to Go). They are FREE 6-week online courses by teachers and professors that cover a variety of courses! For example, I had always been curious about the criminal justice system, and so I was browsing the courses and found a course about criminal law. I’m a big fan of procedural shows like Rizzoli & Isles, Castle, Bones, and Body of Proof, and I wanted to know more about the real-life procedures. Now, thanks to this free course, I know!

Sign-up is easy. All you need is a free pass code, which you get when you sign up with your email address and library card number. Ed2go will email the free pass codes for you to then register for your class. The lessons are released every Wednesday and Friday, with readings, quizzes, and discussion assignments. You can register for as many classes as you wish, but they recommend no more than two at a time.

Courses range in topics from college test prep to health care, and even writing techniques on how to get published. As a matter of fact, I’m going to try a refresher course on chemistry. I had gone the biology route in school, and now I'm curious about the other sciences.

Which ones are you going to try?

Sarah G.
Boardwalk Branch


Out-of-County Membership

I am a Pennsylvania resident. Please allow me to purchase an out-of-county library membership.

Out-of-district memberships

Persons not in our library tax district would need to visit our physical location in order to purchase a card. This is due to contractual agreements with the vendors from which we purchase our online subscriptions. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you.


Hi, Could you please tell us where we can sign up for these classes? We are very interested and are having a hard time finding the appropriate link on the library website.


You can click on the colored hypertext (ed2go) that is found in the sentence above (Mid-Continent Public Library has a fantastic resource called ed2go (Education to Go)).

Or, you can access this database by going to our Online Resources, click on 'Research Databases' on the left. Then, click on 'Career and Education Guidance' in the subject list. You will find ed2go in alphabetical order in this list.

If you need any help, please give us a call or stop by one of our branches. We would be glad to help you!

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