First Friday

April 04, 2011

So, what did you do last weekend?
Just the usual.. hmmm?

Well if that is your answer, then you need to change something up a little.

You have a bit over 4 weeks until the next First Friday in the Crossroads District of Kansas City. Yep.

Bet you're excited now.

The next First Friday is May 6th.

Why should you care?

Well, if you like the fun of rubbing shoulders with people in the streets, watching fire jugglers, listening to bands, checking out dancers, and exploring the many galleries that are holding openings - then you should care.

Visit some of the great restaurants, get some chocolate at Christopher Elbows, and grab some food & fun at Hamburger Mary's. Wander over to the Brick for a libation or 3. There is so much to do and no chance for boredom.

So, how am I going to tie this into a library blog?

Hang on, I'm getting there...

Ok. Say you are heading into the galleries with your date or someone you want to impress.

The paintings may all look like splashes of color to you - but - you simply toss out something like, “Reminds me a bit of Klee."

Your date will nod and look suitably impressed.

We have tons of art books. Check a few out. You might actually enjoy them and gain a few buzzwords that will come in handy.

Try Modern Art: A Crash Course by Cory Bell or Urban Walls: A Generation of Collage in Europe and America by Brandon Taylor.

How to Survive Modern Art by Susie Hodge sounds fun, too.

So, get your cool on for a change, and get out of your comfort zone.

Rox P.
North independence Branch


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