Finding the First in a Series

May 09, 2013

Oh no! You just finished a thrilling Theodore Boone book, The Accused, and you realize that there are some details missing. Well, it turns out that it is deep in the series. How on earth can you discover the first book, and then read the others in order? Look no further than the MCPL website.

Using MCPL's Juvenile Series page, you can search for children's and teen's series. They are organized by series title, series subject, book title, and book author. It then lists all of the titles within a series in order! You'll never have to worry about reading out of order again!

Don't worry adults, we have a resource for you, too! MCPL links to Kent District Library's What's Next database. Using this tool, you can find the same information through its handy search tool. Just like MCPL's page for juvenile series, this database lists series books in order! You can even see all of the series that authors have written.

There are a handful of other series resources linked on our website, too. So, what are you waiting for? I know you've had this happen to you, so find those long lost series entries that you've been wanting. Happy reading!

Dan B.
Red Bridge Branch 


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