Find a Chair, Get Comfortable and Read?

June 08, 2010

Most people think that working in the library would be fun because we get to read all day! That’s not really the case. We spend most of our day touching your lives by touching the books that you choose to read.

Our day begins when we get the books out of the bookdrop and check them in so that they can get back on the shelves for you to browse. We spend quite a few hours each day processing the books you have requested from other branches. Another big part of our day is spent checking books in and out for you. 

The library staff is here to help you make book selections by providing knowledgeable readers’ advisory. Oh, we may have read the books we are suggesting to you, but not on library time. There’s really no time for us to read here.  The only people who are encouraged to find a chair, get comfortable, and read in the library are our customers.  So what are you waiting for? We have a chair waiting, just for you.

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