Fascination with Vampires

August 05, 2010

Vampires. . . what is our fascination with them?  They are charismatic, relentless in their pursuits, captivating, and strong.  In fact, in another context, they might make good leaders and interesting people to know.  So, now that I’ve been hooked by the Twilight series, where do I go from here?  Well, my personal journey led me to sample a few other series, none of which really captured my attention. Then, a friend suggested the P.C. Cast series, which has actually kept me reading.  In so doing, a line about Melissa Marr being a favorite author of the protagonist led me to begin her series.  Part of the fun of Marr’s stories is that they deal with fairies instead of vampires. This has also turned out to be an intriguing read.  All in all, these two series have been satisfying diversions from my jobs and classes. 

So what will be next?  An excellent place to check out will be the MCPL Recommended Reading lists.  The reader reviews are being added to regularly and are fun to read.  These hot summer days don’t bother me quite as much when I’ve got a couple of good books to “take me away from it all.”  Happy summer, folks!


Another Author....

I'll have to look into the P.C. Cast series....but I would also recommend to you the Southern Vampire Novels by Charlaine Harris. She has been my favorite author and the first to get me interested in Vampires! :) Also, I really like Patricia Briggs. She's my next favorite, but her books focus more on werewolves, while dipping into vampires and fae creatures! :)Happy reading!

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