Dog Days

May 15, 2013

One of our favorite customers came through the drive-through the other day. We see Lily once a week or so. She’s always so excited to see us. Her eyes are wide, she has a huge smile on her face, and her tail is wagging madly. Oh, did I forget to mention that Lily is a Spaniel?

Our branch is one of only few with drive-through service windows. The window has been a great addition. Busy people cruise by to pick up holds; moms with toddlers will pick out books in the library, then pass by the window to pick up the books after they’ve muscled the kids into car seats; and husbands will slide by on their way home from work and pick up books their wives have chosen. And, we have a canister of dog treats, which has made us very popular with the canine set. Many of us who work here have dogs, cats, or a combination thereof, and we enjoy seeing pets while we do our jobs.

We say hello to a pair of Westies with eyes so shiny and black, they look like buttons. We coo at Lily, and we call out "Good boy!" to the elderly rescued Boxer. They respond, enthusiastically, to the warm words and the treats. Lily almost climbs out the car window and into our branch in her eagerness to get her treat. One tough, gruff man had a tiny Yorkie in his lap when he drove up in his big pickup truck. We’ve even had walk-ups -- people out walking their dogs will come to the window, knowing we will make much of their canine companions. And give them a treat.

The only way to make our drive-through more popular? Husband treats.

Carol V.
Platte City Branch


And we love this!

Every time we visit the library, I feel very fortunate to have such a beautiful facility. The drive-through window and the love of pets makes it even better!

Carol, Does the library have

Carol, Does the library have a CD of How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

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