Do Your Love Birds Mango?

September 09, 2010

An optimistic, library clerk at a local MCPL branch directs a forlorn and frustrated customer to the Mango Languages Research Database, and give the family’s lovesick, exotic bird a new lease on life.

If this story had ever reached the press, that is exactly what the headline would have read. It is the story that Bird tells everyone she meets.  

Bird was completely content to sit upon the shoulder of any family member, hour after hour, surfing the net, day after day.

Then…one dreadful, dark, and dreary day, an innocent internet search was ominously redirected to anomalous Cockatoo website. 

Disaster ensued…

Very happy, internet savvy, English speaking, domestic Bird discovered:

An extraordinarily colorful, handsome and exotic New Guinea palm cockatoo, who wrote, spoke, and read only




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