Do You Puzzle?

July 26, 2012

Jig saw puzzles are available for check out at the Parkville Branch. Most people who enjoy jig saw puzzles think of them as a fun winter project, but I like them year round—especially if it is extremely hot outside. I hate to bring up last summer as an example, but I made a lot of puzzles then. 

At my house you really have to want to put puzzles together to endure a 19lb orange tabby cat trying to help. He also helps me knit, but that would be another blog. I have a ritual when puzzling…it involves cat treats as a diversion (which is one reason he’s 19lbs), making a comfortable place for him at the other end of the table, or hoping he is sound asleep somewhere else in the house.

At the Parkville Branch, we have all sorts of puzzles kept behind our Adult Fiction collection. Just ask us and we will show you where they are. They check out like magazines and the donated paperbacks, so you can take your time making them. Also, there won't be any fines, even if it takes longer than four weeks to put together.

~Peggy M.
Parkville Branch


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