The Definitive Article, You Might Say . . .

July 15, 2013


He’ll be fifty years old this year – but he doesn’t look a day over nine hundred.

He’s been a hero, a clown, a grandfather, a husband, a bohemian, several different kinds of dandy, and an Edwardian cricketer. He doesn’t stay in any one place very long unless forced, and his longest solid relationship has been with a cranky blue box. He’s worn a really long scarf, a really bright jacket, a really big fur coat, a fez, sneakers, and a decorative vegetable. (But not all at the same time.)

He calls himself the Doctor. And, we’re glad he dropped by and took an interest.

Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction show ever, and it’s making a fair bid for longest running TV franchise. The only shows out ahead right now are newscasts like Meet the Press, which has been running since 1947 and has a good sixteen year head start on the Doctor. And, of course, there is the hiatus argument. Doctor Who went off the air from 1989 to 2005, with only one TV movie to fill the gap. Gunsmoke ran continuously for twenty years, plus six years as a radio drama before that.

But the Doctor is nothing if not resilient. He’s encompassed more actors than James Bond, the only other character I can think of who can change his face without anyone noticing, and defeated more villains as well. The most evil of dictators, the most twisted of psychopaths, and the maddest of scientists are no match for this hero with hearts (two of ‘em) of gold. He’s saved the Earth, he’s saved the galaxy, and he’s saved the whole of the time-space continuum. He’s even saved Christmas. Three times!

So, hats of all descriptions off the Doctor. As someone who knew him well once said, "Splendid chap. All of them."

"Well, you might be a doctor, but I am the Doctor. The definitive article, you might say."

Kristen K.
North Oak Branch

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A new Doctor is coming!

Matt Smith's 11th Doctor will finish his tenure this Christmas, and we will be getting a new Doctor. I am holding out for Dame Helen Mirren as the 12th Doctor, but whoever gets the nod I am ready for a new take on a great character.

I'm ready, too.

There have been rumors of a female Doctor since Tom Baker left the role in 1981. I admit I've never been a fan of the idea but - Helen Mirren! She would be terriffic. I could get behind that.

After seeing her turn on Sapphire and Steel, I think Joanna Lumley would make a great female Doctor as well. But I'm sure whoever gets it will be great.

Kristin K.
North Oak Branch

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