Day Trips Not Too Far From Home

July 18, 2013

My husband and I love to go on daytrips around the Kansas City area. We have done all the historical events in Independence associated with the Oregon Trail, as well as taken tours of the historical homes in the area like Bingham-Waggoner and Vaile Mansions. We usually combine a daytrip with a lunch out and try to go to a new restaurant for some good local food.
Last summer, we went a little farther and drove to Manhattan, Kansas to see the Flint Hills Discovery Center. It was filled with great interactive displays so children and adults could learn about the Flint Hills of Kansas and the prairie history/science of that region. Again, we had to try a new restaurant for lunch. We drove the back roads home instead of taking the interstate. It gave us a feel for the farming community and made us appreciate all the hard work involved in farming.
MCPL has some good books for daytrips in Missouri and Kansas: Daytrip Missouri: Guide to the Show Me State by Lee Godley, Country Roads of Missouri by Archie Satterfield, and Shifra Stein's  Day Trips from Kansas City by Stein, Shifra. So whether you read a book for ideas or just take off and drive, there are some great places to visit not too far from home.

Wanda B.
Raytown Branch


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