Collectible/Keepsake Dolls

August 20, 2010

What fun it can be to collect, identify, and evaluate dolls. You may find that you have a "Kestner" doll head on a "kid" body. Or maybe, you have an Armand Marseille (Floradora) head on a stick-legged wood or composition body. One favorite is a large doll with a papier-mache head. Its body can be stuffed with excelsior and sawdust. All in all, she looks like Susan Boyle of recent musical fame. Each doll is unique and has a special story of its own. If these terms and names seem strange to you, don't worry; the Mid-Continent library has tons of books on doll information and collecting ideas. The Hobbies and Crafts database can also help turn your interest into a passion. And don't limit yourself to dolls--hobby collecting has almost no limits.

Good hunting!

Dixie S.
Claycomo Branch


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