The Children of Our Soldiers

July 05, 2012

One of my childhood friends serves in the Army. I recently learned that his unit will be deployed to Afghanistan next spring. It was tough to receive that news, but I am very proud of him.

I hardly know how to express my thoughts…it is hard not to worry a lot, and I am sure I will anyway. My next thought was about the children. It is hard to see our loved ones in harm’s way, but what about the children? Many soldiers have small children. My friend has young siblings. How do they deal with this separation?

I do not presume to know how the kids feel or what they need. All I can offer are the titles of these books that have been written for children who have relatives that serve in the military.

I hope each child will find some comfort and understanding. We are so proud of our soldiers. I hope for many blessings on them and their families.

Rachael A.
North Oak Branch


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