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March 18, 2013

Don’t we all like going to the movies? Well, sometimes the movie doesn’t live up to all the hype that Hollywood has fed us. What a waste of $10.00 and an evening! If there was a good way to find out what the storyline is going to be, maybe we would choose to skip some of these "Big Blockbusters" that movie producers say we just must see.    

I have discovered a few movies coming out this summer you might think worth your time and money. Each of these movies has been adapted from a book available at your local library branch. You can check out the book or sound recording before going to the theatre to find out if any of these movies might be of interest to you.

Austenland by Shannon Hale is a Regency-era romance that is full of empire-waist gowns, proper etiquette, and meeting the perfect gentleman.

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia is a young adult fiction book that will appeal to adults as well. A small town that has changed little since the Civil War is the setting for this romance between teenagers with a psychic connection.

Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a classic novel filled with revenge, rich people, first loves, and tragic accidents.

The Host by Stephanie Meyer is a science fiction thriller that takes us into a world where the earth has been invaded by a species that take over human minds but leaves the bodies intact. One woman refuses to relinquish possession of her mind.
I hope you find at least one of these titles interesting enough to check out. At least you won’t have spent $10 for nothing! 

Cindy K.
Camden Point Branch


The Host

Really looking forward to seeing the Host. It's a long book, but fascinating.

The Host

I'm excited to hear that the The Host movie is coming out. Great book!

Books to Movies

I am anxious to see this movie, also. I'm most looking forward to seeing what the movie director's vision of the underground world will look like.

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