Bobbing for Clues, a Cozy Mystery

November 30, 2012

Friday marks the end of National Novel Writing Month. Whether you participated as a writer, or just kept up with Alice's adventures as a reader, we thank you for playing along. We had lots of fun drumming up the characters, the setting, and the crime. While we only posted 7 chapters, below you will find the outlines for the rest of the story. We don't want to leave any reader hanging. Perhaps next year, we'll make the 30-day / 50k word mark.

Chapter 8
When you Fish Upon a Star

The town Halloween Festival takes place. It’s as festive as Walker gets. Everyone is busy preparing. Alice is late because she suspects someone is following her car. Her paranoia may be kicking into overdrive. Once she arrives, Carol fills her in on the gossip, including a showdown she over-heard between Katie and Jeffery. She heard something about "finding the will." Carol speculates about that in the wrong direction, but Alice knows exactly what they are referring to.

It’s a clear, starry night and Alice decides to do some crime scene investigation.

Alice returns to the Allegheny river banks where Aly reeled Hamilton in.

She finds an old toilet lid and boot washed up not far from the over pass. She is about to throw in the towel before she strikes gold.

Chapter 9
Twisting on the Line

Alice, having returned to the scene of the crime, discovers a manila folder in the muck. Before she can alert anyone to her findings, a new will for Hamilton which would leave everything to his mistress, she is spooked by voices. She flees the scene and the voices but is followed to her car and run off the road by the unknown pursuers.

Knocked unconscious, she only recalls garbled voices later. The perpetrators searched around the wreckage of the cab of her car and took the folder. Before anything more can happen, the attackers are chased away by an approaching vehicle. Aly finds Alice and gets her to the hospital. He makes a comment about how this place has been full of surprises lately, and that he’s not paying anymore library fines.

Chapter 10
Taking the Bait

Alice is barely home when she receives a text from the library security company. The alarm has gone off. Their back door doesn’t fasten correctly, but instead of assuming it’s the faulty latch, she elects to check it out.

Once there she is accosted by Katie. Things heat up and the two argue. Alice tells her she knows about the new will. Katie is furious and tries to explain to Alice that Shelley didn’t deserve a dime. Alice attempts to get away but is caught by Jeffery. He tells her she really should get the back door fixed, and says he recently had to employ a locksmith and could recommend just the guy.

The two are revealed as the conspirators in Jack’s death. Alice is taken away, but she manages to send a partial text to Steven and leaves clues for him to follow their trail to Jack’s former residence.

Chapter 11
Reel 'Em In

She is taken back to Jack’s home on the outskirts of town, where Katie and Jeffery discuss what to do with Alice. Katie is conflicted, but Jeffery is resolved to get rid of her. Steven arrives, and before he can save the day, Jeffery hits him with a stuffed Marlin. Alice gets free and races away to the docks. She is hiding when she spies Jeffery. Steven is there, too. Both are searching for Alice.

They make their way closer to the water. Steven is on the boat ramp, and Jeffery is circling around the other side of Jack’s beached fishing boat that's still on the trailer. Steven doesn’t see Jeffery, but the reverse isn’t true. Jeffery is armed and is about to shoot him when Alice springs from her hiding place. She makes her way onto the trailer and releases the brake on the docked boat, sending the fishing boat careening towards Jeffery.

She makes a Dewey Decimal joke and one about where to find boat maintenance books.

Jeffery is tossed into the river and pulled out by Katie.

Deputy Carl joins the party. He had figured it out, too. He tells Alice thanks for all the forensics novels.

What should have been the first kiss between Alice and Steven is interrupted when the ambulance arrives to take Jeffery away.

Chapter 12
Totally Hooked

Alice and Steven have their first date at the Seaside Café. He informs her after a spirited debate about books that he can’t have her playing Sherlock if they are going to get serious. He is prepping for another first kiss when his walkie-talkie chirps.

He steps outside to call the station and returns shortly saying he has to end their date early. He leaves and Alice is disappointed. He returns almost instantly, saying he forgot something. Before she can ask, he finally kisses her.

When he asks if she will hang up the detective hat for good, she says sure, but crosses her fingers.

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So, can we expect a sequel?

So, can we expect a sequel?

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