Blog Offers Snarky Take on YA Fiction For Not-So YA Readers

November 15, 2011

I'm a not so young YA (Young Adult) fiction fan who is always looking for the next good read.

So, I was thrilled when, at a recent workshop, I discovered Forever Young Adult. It's a snarky, irreverent book blog "for the YA readers who are a little less Y and a little more A."

This blog offers in-depth reviews or "book reports" on new YA fiction. Along with informative reviews, the reports offer one word to one sentence comments on the cover art, the main characters' eligibility to become the reviewer's new BFF (best friends forever), the book's "swoon worthy" scale, any bonus factors the book might have, and the book's relationship status. Everything is done with a wink and a nod, making the reviews both useful and laugh-out-loud reads.

Other recent posts include: rules for a Babysitters Club drinking game; a modern, a scene-by-scene review of the new Hunger Games movie trailer; and a modern YA-style retelling of Little Women that would give Louisa May Alcott a case of apoplexy.

If you need both a new YA read and a good laugh, give Forever Young Adult a try.

Sara PD
Kearney Branch


I followed the link to the

I followed the link to the blog too. Loved it! I also love all links on the site. Can't wait to explore those too.


Thanks for the write-up, Sara! VIVA YANGELISM! - Posh D. from FYA

YA Blog

I followed the link to the blog and I love it! I really enjoy reading YA fiction and this blog has great reviews that are hilarious. Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely bookmark it!

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