Author Carla Cassidy Stops By for Book Discussion

November 02, 2010

What kind of mystery person are you? Do you like mystery with a bit of romance? Every Move You Make by Carla Cassidy gives you both the mystery and romance.  Cassidy states, "As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better than a vicarious thrill, a safe scare, and that’s what romantic suspense books offer the reader."

In Every Move You Make, Annalise Blakely receives a strange package on her thirtieth birthday. Inside, along with one of her company's hand-crafted dolls, is a note: "I don't need this anymore. I have my own."  Annalise puts the package aside--she has enough on her mind. Since her mother died, Annalise has been working nonstop to keep Blakely Dolls a success. Her deadbeat dad wants to be back in the picture, and she's dating again. But the policeman she's seeing has chilling news: someone is murdering women, dressing them up as Blakely Dolls, and leaving them for the police to find. And, although no one knows it yet, the killer is stalking Annalise, the model for the original doll, for his final display. 

Award-winning, local author Carla Cassidy will be joining us at the Boardwalk Branch on Monday December 6th at 7:00 p.m. for our book discussion of Every Move You Make. Come to meet the author and discuss the book.

Beth F.
Boardwalk Branch


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