Amish Fiction is a Good Read, Plain and Simple!

July 24, 2010

Inspirational or religious fiction seems to have been increasing in popularity for the last several years. Characters in these books often go through a difficult time in their lives, or deal with a change of some kind. They are brought through the hardship and learn life lessons by help and support through friends, family, and a higher power. 

Among the most popular works of inspirational and religious fiction are novels about the Amish.  Warm bread, homemade pies, handmade quilts and the beautiful countryside are staples of the Amish novel. Facing real joys and heartaches, the Amish characters find comfort in their faith, friends and family.  And there is romance too!

Some popular authors of Amish novels, who will have new books available from MCPL this fall are:

There are also some Amish series found in the Young Adult section, too! These authors write Amish fiction for Young Adults:

• Linda Byler
• Kathleen Fuller
• Beverly Lewis

So head to your library and check out one of these Amish Fiction authors!


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