All I know Is...

November 05, 2012

On November 7th, the sun is still going to rise. I will still be able to watch the birds and squirrels in my backyard as the few remaining leaves fall into my yard. I will be able to turn on light switches and drink coffee. Maybe enjoy a fattening pastry with it. I will have to get into my car and drive to work. I will still be responsible for obeying speed limits and traffic signals. My point is that this will be the day after an election, and my life is not going to change. It's been a very cutthroat year in the world of politics. Friendships have been strained to the point of breaking, new alliances have been forged, and people have become very adamant about their views and their candidates being the correct one.

Of course I have my opinions...I'd be a robot if I didn't...but no matter what, I'm still going to have my own life and my own freedom to make decisions and subsequently sometimes make mistakes. That is what true liberty is—being able to rise and fall on a person's own merits. No one forced me to go into the career field I have chosen, and no one made me marry the wonderful woman I wed (two years ago on November 15!). No one has ever tried to keep me from making more money or traveling to any city or state or stop me from getting a cheeseburger at 3 in the morning. Children will still be out and about in droves asking for free candy at Halloween. People will still be ringing bells on street corners asking for charitable donations.

This is a great country...and sometimes just knowing you can complain about the things you don't like just affirms that. Airwaves and airtime are devoted to people on all sides of all issues arguing every point possible. No matter how a person wants to live their life...and whether or not they let science, religion, or the phases of the moon guide their life...they are free to live it how they choose in America.

And let's not forget, we have the greatest public library system in the world!

Tim P.
Smithville Branch


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