Thank You Veterans

As we honor the men and women who have served in the Armed Force to protect our nation, its people, and its values, we can share the meaning of this special day with our children.

Missouri Warrior Writers Project

At a recent workshop, I learned about an exciting project. The Missouri Warrior Writers Project, sponsored by the Missouri Humanities Council and the Missouri Writers Guild, will enable Missouri veterans at the Jefferson Barracks VA Hospital and other nearby facilities to write about their wartime experiences.

Americans At War: A Tribute In Film

A nation conceived in war harbors a keen awareness of the costs borne by those who take up arms in her name. From its fragile beginnings under the generalship of a gentleman farmer from Virginia, the United States has found willing Americans of every generation ready to answer their nation’s call to service. We now invite your participation in a call to recognition and gratitude.

Turning Points

Memory is a tricky thing. It comes with its own magnifying glass, and it always tends to center on turning points: those times and events that change you, that change the world. When they happen to you, you know in that moment that life will never be the same. You feel it in the hollow at the bottom of your breath. This fall, we march into the 10th anniversary of the collapse of the Twin Towers and the crashes of Flight 93 and Flight 77, a day of turning points that most of us remember vividly.

What's on Display?

Come check out Smithville's annual Veteran's Salute display. This year features several panels that detail the events surrounding Pearl Harbor. The display is a lead-in to the Veteran's Salute celebration held at the Platte City Branch on October 22. Mark your calendar for that event which includes vintage military vehicles, a USO show, and veteran's roundtable discussions.

Battle Of Iwo Jima

Great pacific waves thrash soldiers around violently in a tiny metal boat. It's headed towards distant explosions, growing louder with every passing minute. Finally, they land and the ramp drops, stealing away the little safety they have left. Forced off the boat, they cluster on the beach desperately looking for cover, but to no avail while the enemy fires upon them, as sitting ducks. They struggle to make inches each day. Only the bravest of soldiers could have performed such a task as the American Marines did back on Iwo Jima during World War II.

The Discovery of Sacrifice

Sacrifice has taken on an almost historic reference in our collective lexicon. To be sure, we can each recall points in our lives where we have given our time, our money, or even our homes when others were in need.

Still, in our most modern of societies, when speaking on periods of unified sacrifice, the majority of our examples lie in antiquity. And so, we are left to tap into our deep cultural memory to find our precious moments of sacrifice, both past and present, which form our national identity. 

Veterans Salute 2011

MCPL cordially invites you to join us for our annual Veterans Salute program on Saturday, October 22 at the Platte City Branch. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet decorated war veterans, view vintage military vehicles and memorabilia, and enjoy roundtable discussions with both veterans and current active duty service members.

A Gift Bestowed

Milt (pictured above), at the age of 92, has the distinction of being one of the dwindling number of World War II veterans alive today. Milt served as a paratrooper jumping into Nazi occupied territory in Southern France and Italy. He fought at the Battle of the Bulge and received many awards and medals for his service.


Veterans Day is on November 11, and MCPLhas a number or programs and events commemorating this day. Here at the Buckner Branch, we had a couple of special guests visit with our Young Writers' Club @ the Library. Mr. Manley Derrington, a Korean War Veteran and Staff Sergeant Heather Young who served in Afghanistan, shared his experiences and the importance of honoring our Veterans. The children then wrote letters to Veterans that will be sent to the VA Hospital in Kansas City.