Adventures Into Eating Vegetables

People call me a health nut. I can’t decide if it’s because I always try to eat so-called "healthy" things or if it’s because I always pick the health nut combo at IHOP, probably the latter—it just seems right. Typically, my diet consists usually of a protein shake in the morning, protein bars later on, and a light meal later after that, with some sweet things mixed in randomly. I’m not sure how healthy this is, as great amounts of protein can strain the kidneys. But for all my "healthiness," I’m still small as a stick.

It's Not Easy Being Green

Did your mother ever tell you to eat your greens? Is she still telling you to?

Well, according to, there are at least 10 great reasons to eat your greens. Though, they strangely leave out the ever important eleventh rule of always doing what your mother tells you to.

From Your Garden to Your Shelves

A few years ago, I began growing some of my own vegetables during the summer. Around Mother’s Day, I would plant my first tomatoes, peppers, and herbs in the hope we would have fresh produce all summer. I learned some lessons along the way:

Just Grow It!

Spring has finally arrived! I love to grow and can my own vegetables. I was looking through one of the How to Grow your Own Vegetables books from the library, and it suggested that you take about 2 inches of the left-over celery end and put it in potting soil. In a couple weeks, it would grow a new stalk of celery for you.

Having a love for growing my own vegetables, I just had to try this. About 2 weeks ago, I put the celery end into my potting soil. Low and behold, I now have celery stalks growing in my pot!