A Visit to Minneapolis

On a recent trip to Minneapolis, MN, I had the opportunity to revisit a favorite author, Louise Erdrich. The author's book store, Birchbark Books, is located near the downtown area.

Looking For Adventure

In preparing for an upcoming trip down under, I started looking for a different style of travel book since I had already read the typical travel guides. I soon found the book Fly Solo by Teresa Rodriguez Williamson.

Armchair Travel Anyone?

The only thing I love more than travel is, well, "armchair travel." Have you noticed Lee's Summit's travel section lately? We’ve been bulking up our collection of travel guides for everywhere, from Chile to Colorado, Italy to China. We’ve got small guides, coffee table photo books, travel memoirs, and more. We’ve even got video from locations around the world.

From Here to There, Armchair Travel

The seasons are changing, and as the days get shorter and cooler, there is less time to do things outdoors. What a perfect time to curl up in your comfortable armchair and literally do a bit of "armchair travel".  You can plan a trip for the next traveling season, or - if you can’t take a trip in the near future, it’s almost as much fun to read travel stories.  Travel literature, as opposed to guidebooks, has been around for a very long time. There’s something about reading true travel adventures that is almost as good as being there.

Kathleen's Chicago Book Bag

I heart Chicago! The El is urban fun. The Walnut Room at Macy’s State Street has traditional food and is housed in the oh so, shopalicious, block-wide, seven stories high, Marshall Field’s building. And, I love, love the Cloud Gate sculpture at Millennium Park. Look deep inside this gigantic piece of shimmering metal, see yourself and the city reflected there, and let your troubles float away.

One World Many Stories: Beyond Summer Reading Program

This summer, we’ll be doing some "traveling" abroad -- without having to go through customs or security checks! Our summer reading program theme of "One World-Many Stories" (beginning May, 2011) encourages young readers and listeners (birth – 5th grade) to enjoy stories about other places and cultures. "You are Here" is the theme for teens (6th – 12th grade). Why wait ‘til summer though? You can start reading about other places and people now.

Bright Lights, Big City

I get my Master’s degree this week, and have decided to celebrate. I’m going to Vegas, Las Vegas. However, this will be my first foray into Sin City. I know, me and the 5 other people in the US. As a newcomer, I am overwhelmed by what Vegas has to offer. To alleviate the confusion, I have turned to my worldly coworkers for assistance. Listed here are the favorite experiences, must sees, and memories from past bright light excursions.

One World, Many Stories: Jamaican Food, Schools, & Money

I discovered that the national dish of Jamaica is ackee and saltfish. The saltfish is imported, but the ackee grows on trees in Jamaica which, when prepared, resembles scrambled eggs! I also learned that if an ackee is split open before it is ripe, it releases a deadly poisonous gas. All the ackees we had was, happily, ripe enough! Jamaicans also eat a lot of bananas. They fry or boil green bananas.

Rick Steves Talks about How and Why to Travel

"Imagine you loved books and one day the librarian mentioned that there was an upstairs."  So says renowned travel writer Rick Steves, whose travel guidebooks are among the most used in the nation. His guide to Italy is one of the bestselling travel books in America. 

Plan Your Next Camping Trip with Fido

My husband and I love to go camping.  We usually start planning on where we are going to go in January and February.  This is because some campgrounds are so popular that they get filled up for the summer before winter even ends.  When we have decided where we want to camp, I start looking for books at the library on the area.