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Constitution Day is September 17th.

Does Your Car Need a Little TLC?

If your vehicle lights come on when you use the windshield wiper switch, your Mid-Continent Public Library branch has several computer databases that can help. We have databases from both Mitchell and Chilton. These have detailed instructions, pictures, and diagrams for working on just about any facet of your car or truck.

Life Is Better With Art!

Life is better with Art! Maybe you’ve seen a poster with this statement on it at a MCPL branch. Did it make you stop and think how dreary the world would be without art? Art can stimulate all the senses as well as calm and rejuvenate you. Have you taken a look at the song, dance, fine arts, and theatre databases MCPL has collected for you? These can be enjoyed at home, at your convenience! 

Do Your Love Birds Mango? The Thrilling Conclusion

If you have been following this love story of two amazing Cockatoos separated by not only continents, ocean waters, and cultural barriers--but the greatest barrier of all, THE LANGUAGE BARRIER--well then, you have come to the right blog.

See for yourself how sad the family Bird had become. Rejected and despondent, Bird retired to her favorite shredding box (shredding being a thing Cockatoos love to do) and pined, but did not shred.

The family had to find a cure for what ailed Bird. The finest Bird specialists in the entire World Wide Web were contacted.

What To Do -- What To Do?

Can’t find that title? You’ve searched the library catalog and it’s just not there. Did you know that there still might be a way to find that hard-to-get item? Try the WorldCat online database! It is among one of our many resource databases that widens the search and expands your chances for locating your item.

Millard Fillmore Contest Headed for Overtime

I was literally double checking the scores, wrapping the library in cellophane for the official Millard Fillmore award presentation when out of nowhere, username Tracy dropped this bomb:

Fantastic Fiction Website

The Fantastic Fiction website offers information on over 350,000 books. It is very useful when you want to find a list of all titles in a series in order of publication. You can also search under the heading of series, and there is quite a long list of series titles written by more than one author and so much more. You can also access Fantastic Fiction at, go to Web Resources.

Auto Repair Blues

Baffled by brakes? Mad at your muffler? Brave enough to try a car repair yourself? Then, you’ll want to check out our Automotive and Small Engines Online Research Databases. There are several Automotive Databases to choose from, including Auto Repair Reference Center,, and  Mitchell 1 ProDemand

Play Ball!

October is the time for one of America's 'ultimate' classics. You sports fans know what I mean. It's the fall classic, or better known as the "World Series"! In case you somehow missed it, Ken Burns added a new segment to his outstanding documentary on Baseball. It's called the 10th Inning, and ran on channel 19 recently.

Magazines Galore!

School is back in session, and that means another round of research papers to get started on, whether it’s high school or college. Luckily, the Mid-Continent Public Library has a vast amount of online resources to help you get started on these papers. One in particular is the Academic Search Premier database located under the heading Magazines and Periodicals in our research databases.