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There is no questioning the fact that eBooks and eReaders of all sorts are having a tremendous impact on the way that society views reading. Books are suddenly more portable and available than ever. Everything from businesses to classrooms is moving to recognize and, in some cases, even require eReaders. Even the way that the library works has changed to accommodate the lending of book in electronic format.

Improve Your Home!

How would you like to enhance your home? It is time to do some remodeling, and we are planning to replace the sink and update the countertops in our kitchen. 

World Without Wikipedia

So when the world of Wikipedia voluntarily went down last week in protest of censoring the Internet (via PIPA and SOPA), what were you doing? Were you crying out in pain because you couldn’t lookup the stats on the NY Giants, the latest news on Lady Gaga, or Stephen Colbert’s qualifications for running for President? Or, did you shed a quiet tear of joy?

The Fine Art of Arguing Pronunciation

I love words. I love them so much that sometimes I make up my own*, drop them in random conversation, and watch people stare back at me in disbelief.

One phrase you’ll hear me utter quite a bit is, "Is this the correct way to pronunciate that word?"

Homework, Help?

Since school is in session, along comes the dreaded homework. Have no fear, the library is near. If you have Internet access and a valid library card, you have the opportunity to get the help you need in completing difficult assignments.

How the Library Saved the Day! (True Story)

One of the many unfortunate events that happened recently in my family was when the car key broke inside the ignition. Little to my surprise, I thought, how can that happen? Luckily, we had extra keys for the car, but first we had to get the broken key out.

Let ReferenceUSA US Businesses Simplify Your Search

As one of your top resolutions for the New Year, you want to update your current career path. You've checked out Ferguson's Career Guidance Center and made some important decisions. You've chosen a new career to pursue and set out your short term and long term plans. One of your associated goals with this resolution includes the desire to live and work in the same community.

Mango, It's Not Just a Fruit

Have you ever been interested in learning other languages? Are you planning to travel to other countries? Want to host a foreign exchange student? Learning even the basics can be hard, but there is now an easier way to learn languages, more convenient than returning to the classroom.

What Can You Find in A Library?

Can you name two types of materials that you might find in a library? This is a question we often ask during job interviews. The most common answer? Books and computers. Usually, my boss gently informs them that we think of computers as equipment. Many folks are stumped to think of anything else, so they start listing different types of books. But the truth is, we have so much more than two types of materials at the library--including different types of books.

Research Databases vs. Websites?!

Here's a situation that comes up all too frequently at the library: a student comes in looking for information on a topic that they are researching for an assignment.