Home Magazines @ Red Bridge

The Red Bridge Branch offers several "home" related magazines. We have magazines which cover topics from home improvements or rebuilds to cabins and log homes to chickens in your backyard!  Here are the titles you can browse the next time you stop by:

Where Did It Go?

Do you have a favorite magazine that you just can't seem to find anywhere?

Periodically... I Find a Good Periodical

It’s amazing what you can find just by checking out a magazine from your library.

Recently, I was browsing through the Midwest Living and ran across an article about a 10K ski event across Chequamegon Bay, Wisconsin to raise money for their local library. The 10K event is called "Books Across the Bay." The track is lined with 1,000 luminaries, and the skiers are greeted at the finish line with hot chocolate, bonfires, chili, and cheering crowds.

New Magazines for 2012!

Magazines are just one of the many great things that the library has to offer. Here at the Blue Springs North Branch, we’ve acquired some new magazines for 2012. We try to cover a wide range of topics that will hopefully appeal to a lot of people. Some of our new additions are:

  • BBC Knowledge
  • Diabetic Living
  • Creative Knitting
  • Readers Digest Large Print Edition
  • TV Guide
  • Crochet Today
  • Shopsmart
  • Food Network Magazine

Happy reading!

Are You Missing Your Favorite Magazine?

Times are tough, and we often find ourselves having to choose between that People magazine at the checkout and a gallon of milk. We know we have to have the milk, but we also miss reading about our favorite celebrities and who wore it best. Once we get home and unpack the groceries, we still don’t have that glossy magazine to get us through our lunch breaks or waiting time at the dentist’s office. But if you make a stop at the Library on the way home, you can get that magazine and read it for free...

Reluctant Readers

Do you have a reluctant reader? With short articles and bright pictures, magazines may be just the thing to help build your child's love for reading, and also bridge the gap between easy readers and chapter books.

Happiness Is...a New Magazine!

After 79 years in print, Newsweek is going all-digital in 2013. That’s probably not too much of a shock to most people, given that weekly news magazines simply can’t stay as current as their digital media counterparts. The print magazine market as a whole is volatile, and it has been for years. But the magazine is not dead yet!

Some Pretty Cool Magazines I Never Read Before!

I "discovered" three magazines recently: Missouri Life, Creative Knitting, and Everyday with Rachael Ray. We offer all at the Blue Ridge Branch.

New Zinio Magazine Titles

Just in time for the holidays, Mid-Continent Public Library has added 17 new digital magazine titles to Zinio! Condé Nast has partnered with Zinio to offer their publications to libraries across the United States, and the result is an excellent list of popular magazine titles. While this list does not include archives, readers will still be able to access a personal backlist of titles they’ve read through Zinio.