One Singular Sensation

Does Broadway beckon? Before you don tap shoes and head for New York, you might want to sample the grueling life of auditions that dancers, singers, and actors endure. From the comfort of your living room sofa, you can vicariously experience auditions for the revival of A Chorus Line on Broadway.

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Documentary Films and the Lives of "Interesting" People

I suppose we define eccentricity as "someone stranger than ourselves." I imagine that some people find the fact that I am willing to drive long distances just to take a picture of a rare bird to be eccentric. I am a 44-year old man who owns a Star Wars T-shirt for every day of the week, and I'm sure some people view that as eccentric. I won’t argue with them. I find eccentric people to be interesting people, which makes me glad to be one of their ranks.

Mad, Hot, Ballroom - The Movie!

Fraught with emotional peaks and valleys, epiphanies of self-discovery, and crushing disappointments, this incredible documentary film follows three teams of dedicated dancers as they endure months of practice preparing for the biggest ballroom dance competition of their lives. The nail biting, edge-of-your-seat scene in the final round of the competition left me breathless!

Now, imagine all that intensity, all that dedication… with fifth-grade dancers.