Birthday in a Bag Program

As a child, I loved birthday parties. I remember Mom checking out books from the library to get ideas. I never realized what an undertaking it was to put together the details for my annual event. Luckily, it is now easier than ever to create a fantastic celebration in your own home. 

Restart That Old Hobby of Yesteryear

Most of us have a hobby that helps fill spare time, or that we really plan and devote time to. We do something that is relaxing and enjoyable. Sometimes, it’s something we did it a long time ago and sometimes it’s ongoing.

Over time, I have dabbled with woodworking, model making, paint by number, coins, and running. If you are reading this, reading would probably be one of your enjoyable pastimes. Your library is, hopefully, a good source of ideas and projects for you.

Being Crafty

I host our branch’s Craft Time for Preschoolers the fourth Friday of each month at 10:00 a.m. We make three crafts each month. People ask me where I get the ideas for the crafts. Guess what? BOOKS! 

Modra Pottery Display

Come by and see the new display of Modra pottery here in the Midwest Genealogy Center on loan from the collection of Charlotte M. 

Modra, a city in the Bratislava region of Slovakia, has been one of the leading craft centers of Slovakia since the 17th century. The ceramic and marjolica production started in the 19th century.  After being hand-thrown and fired in the kiln, the pottery is whitewashed and then hand painted without the use of patterns. The designs are all freehand.

Carving Out Craft Time

Do you enjoy handcrafts?  Handcrafts can be anything you create with your hands: sewing, quilting, knitting, needlepoint, embroidery, etc. Do you find that whenever you finally have a few minutes to dedicate to your crafting, suddenly it’s time to prepare dinner for your family? Or, the washing machine is leaking?  All you want is a few minutes to work on your special project, but the home front refuses to cooperate.

A Busy Mom

As a busy mom, I try hard to find things that my husband and daughter can do together. My daughter loves bugs, and she loves building things with her dad. When I saw  that the program Bug Hut was coming to Claycomo, I knew without a doubt that this was something that they could do together. When I told my daughter about the program, she was ready to get started on a new project.

The Bug Hut program will be held at Claycomo on Saturday, June 18 at 2:00 pm. There is a $2.00 fee for materials.

Have Fun Knitting

When I want to do a little needlework, and I always do, I look for inspiration at the library. There are wonderful books for knitters, crochet, tatting, quilters, and some kinds of needlework you've never heard of. Also, I like to go to YouTube and get great instruction for special techniques.

Kill Boredom With a Piece of Paper!

It’s too hot to go outside and play, and the kids are bored. Now what? Turn of the TV and video games, and drop by the library for books brimming with easy craft ideas to keep their hands and minds busy. There's no need to buy expensive supplies to get started with these projects.

Fall Is In the Air

Fall is my favorite time of year: cooler temperatures, frost on the pumpkins – and ragweed! Football season starts too, which ensures my husband will be occupied in front of the television, and I will have some time to work on my sewing projects. 

Grain Valley Stitchers

Come join me, Mary, and the rest of the ladies (we do have an occasional man also) on the third Tuesday of the month at 2:00 p.m. We do a variety of projects; we have made pillowcase dresses, baby items for charity, several wall hangings for our branch, and much more. We do a variety of needlework, crochet, quilting, knitting and more. Sometimes we have a project we're working on as a group, and other times we just do our own projects or help each other out with something we are working on.