children's books

Red Rocket Readers

If you have a child who is learning to read or a child who struggles with reading, then you will be interested to know about our new Red Rocket Readers. These small, easy-to-read booklets are organized into levels, from pre-literacy skills to a fluent reading level 4.

Book Series for Guys!

The Jack Reacher series by Lee Child is another action packed series. Reacher is a former Army Military Police Officer and now a loner/drifter.

Scaredy Squirrel at the Library

One of my favorite characters from a children’s book is Scaredy Squirrel. Scaredy is an overly cautious squirrel who finds out that things are not as bad as he imagined out in the world.

Picture Book Treasure

Mid-Continent Public Library has a wonderful collection of picture books. One of my new favorites is a book titled The Flower Man by Mark Ludy. It is a wordless book. However, the pictures paint a very sweet and rich story about how a small gesture can have a huge impact on an entire community.

Fun with Letters and Sounds

Is your child learning the alphabet and practicing their reading skills? Are you aware that the library has many books to help your child learn to read?


Hedgehog and Rabbit are best friends even though they are very different. Hedgehog hibernates and Rabbit doesn't. In A Little Bit of Winter, Hedgehog wants to know what winter feels like. He asks his friend Rabbit to save him a little bit of winter to share in the spring, but will Rabbit remember through the long winter?

Staff Pick

This 2010-11 Mark Twain Award Nominee is a suspenseful and sometimes scary ghost story. The year is 1872 and the place New York City. Horace Carpenter is an apprentice to a society photographer. When a wealthy customer orders a portrait that reveals a frightful image, her deceased daughter Eleanora, very strange things begin to happen. With the help of the customer’s maid Pegg, Horace learns the truth about how Eleanora actually died. The ending is sure to leave the reader shivering.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Missouri Building Block Award

The Dearborn Branch has a bulletin board right now that features all the Building Block Award picture books. These are attractive, new books featuring turtles, dogs, fish, and pigs among others. There are ten titles in this year's list of nominees. Adults and kids are encouraged to read these books together. Then, children not yet in the first grade may vote on their favorite after hearing at least five of the stories. Ballots are available at the library until December 31st.

What's the Story Wishbone?

I like animals. If you like animals too, then you might like the Wishbone series.

Mo Knows Learning

You may or may not have heard of Mo Willems, but you most likely have seen his works. He has become very well known for his award winning children’s books.