BBQ Fans

This week, we are highlighting another community partner, BBQ Fans Inc. Located just across the street from the Library at 312 E. US Highway 69, BBQ Fans dabbles in a little bit of everything.

After several years of successful online business, BBQ Fans reversed the current business trend and elected to have a brick and mortar storefront right here in the village of Claycomo.

There grand opening was in November of 2010 and, of course, it included food by their resident grill masters.

Kansas City’s Best Known Secrets

My husband and I have lived in Kansas City for almost three years now, and nothing has made him happier than the barbeque options available throughout the city. When we first came here to visit and find a place to live, his only wish was to eat some barbeque. Since then he has become somewhat of a barbecue connoisseur. We have traveled all over Kansas City trying all the smoked perfection that it has to offer. Here are some of our favorites.

The Brotherhood of the U.D.S.

Since the discovery of fire, humans have been searching for the best way to serve meat: fried, grilled, cured, baked, or smoked. I prefer smoked, though grilled comes in a close second. In the world of backyard, competitive and commercial smoking, there are many closely guarded recipes and techniques, but I would prefer to focus on the primary tool used when smoking meat: the smoker. There are many smoker designs available for a person to choose from. One must make a decision on which design to use based on a number of factors. 

The 2013 Truman Heritage Festival Barbecue Championship

When I lived out of state, people who knew I was from the Kansas City area would ask my opinion of the local barbecue restaurants. I was evidently considered an expert on barbecue simply by growing up here in the KC area. Believe it or not, one can find good barbecue in places like Half Moon Bay, California, and Pocatello, Idaho.

National Barbecue Month

It’s time for one of those little-known quasi holidays. May is National Barbecue Month! With the weather starting to warm up, people are beginning to go outside not only out of necessity, but for pleasure. What goes better with tailgating and gardening than a little bit of barbecue? Perhaps ice cream, but the Library doesn’t have a program on how to make ice cream (though we do sometimes let the teens attempt to make the biggest ice cream sundae in the world).

The 2013 Truman Heritage Festival Barbecue Champions

Although Mother Nature threw a monkey wrench into the planned Truman Heritage Festival, barbecuers are not easily deterred by snow, rain, wind, and cold. They valiantly soldiered on, despite the wonderful "spring" weather, to produce the very best in smoked meat cuisine. Here are your 2013 Truman Heritage Festival Barbecue Champions:


Reserve Champion: BURNT FINGER BBQ 

Test Your BBQ Knowledge

According to Chase’s Calendar of Events, July is “National Grilling Month.” So to honor this American pastime, I found (at an interesting trivia quiz to test your knowledge.

1. Where did the word “barbecue come from?