What's on Display?

This month, the display case in the lobby is overflowing with works of art built by our local fiber artists. Such lovely texture and color -- all hand-done! This talented group of women has been together as a group since meeting in 2009 at a garage sale and realizing all they had in common. They meet once a week here at the Library to spin, knit, crochet, comb fiber, and solve all the world problems. They are supportive, talented, and lead busy, productive lives. Some have their own fiber flocks to shepherd.

Nelson-Atkins Teen Art Project at Boardwalk

The Teen Advisory Group (TAG) at the Nelson-Atkins Museum has included MCPL in their Teen Voice Project. The teens have designed eight large oddly-shaped paper mache vessels and placed them in different locations throughout Kansas City. Each vessel poses a different question – for instance, the one located in our Young Adult/Teen area asks, "What is your definition of success?"

BR Teens Showed Us Their Style!

I was so pleased to see our teens at Blue Ridge come out for Teen Movie Night last Friday! The kids got together, watched the movie, Beat Street, and tagged a mini subway car to kick off the Teen Summer Reading Program. 

Let me be the first to say that these kids killed it! Our subway car was completely covered with throwies and tags, and I couldn’t be happier with hanging it in our teen area for all to see. 

Young Artist Near You?

Every parent or grandparent treasures those scribbled drawings from their children. But maybe now, you have noticed that their scribbles are quite a bit better than just scribbles. Encouraging artistic talent is a fun thing to do with your children. Plus, the Library has fun materials that will guide your young artist into more sophisticated scribbles!

Try out these fun titles! Your young artist will love it!

Teen Chalk Challenge

Are you having an awesome summer? I hope the answer is, yes! This summer at Mid-Continent Public Library, we launched our first Teen Chalk Challenge Beginning the 3rd week in May and running through the end of June, teens across Jackson, Clay, and Platte counties create chalk pieces that reflected “Hero." We had 24 branches participate in hosting events.

Beyond the Refrigerator

Conundrum: How do I teach art to a multi-aged class…especially if I am not artistically inclined myself? Is there a creative way to display art instead of the traditional refrigerator door?

Solution: Make an art wall collage!

My professional artist friend shared with me the fun idea of making an art collage as a wall display.