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Tell Me a Story: Chiefs Kingdom

If you’ve been anywhere near the Kansas City area in the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard that the KC Chiefs are on a hot streak! Sure, we had a bit of a setback this past Sunday as we fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but today is a new day and tonight we turn our attention to Oakland as the Chiefs take on the Raiders in what will hopefully push the Chiefs to a 6-1 record.

Veterans Salute

During November, we take time to salute our veterans. My father, Thomas, was a United States Marine during the Korean War era. After high school, he enlisted in the Marines, and during the time he was in basic training, the cease fire agreement was signed. Thankfully my father never saw combat, but he did spend 14 months in Korea as part of a peace keeping force. However, his older brother, Jack, who was serving in the Navy was part of combat missions in Korea. 

Those That Have Gone Before

I guess one doesn’t really think about death much until it hits close to home. My best friend, Ted, passed away in 2003. He was the father of a childhood friend, and we became very close. He had such a wonderful mind with his lifetime of knowledge; we would sit and talk for hours about anything and everything. I remember him well, but for those people who would want to know more about him in the future, an obituary doesn’t quite cover all that he was. If we don’t write down or record all these memories, future generations won’t know all that we were in life.

Voter Rights

Oh, the stories Miss Marie could tell. I have learned to value not only the educational rights of each individual, no matter their race, creed, or beliefs, but also each citizen’s civil rights, due to experiences this fine woman shared with me.

Tell Me A Story... From Home!

Ready for check out—everything you need in a kit to record your family stories. These kits are an extension of the "Tell Me A Story" oral history recordings available free of charge at the Midwest Genealogy Center. This kit includes a digital recorder and instructions. Our staff will burn your recording to a CD. With your permission, we will also add those stories to our oral history digital collection. 

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