Every Library Needs a Mascot...

It may just be September, but it won't be too much longer before the winter reading program, RAFT, starts up again!  In 2011, the selection for the program is

It's a Jungle in the Library!

Get carried away with Mowgli, the man cub, and his friends as you spend time with family reading your way to The Jungle Book

Family Traditions To Make Your Own

It’s funny how traditions get started. When my children were small, we would hunt Easter eggs in the spring. We never missed the Platte County Fair. The apple orchard on a warm fall day (or even when it was cold) was a must, and Christmas Eve Candlelight Services were just some of the things we found ourselves doing year after year. Thus, traditions were born. We continue to do those things even now that the children are grown, and they have children of their own.

Reading: A Family Tradition

We have a family tradition at our house that seems to be timeless.  When my girls were little, I would read to them. But when they began to read for themselves, we began the activity we called "A Reading Party".  We would each grab whatever book we were reading and pile onto our big king-sized bed and read together; each absorbed in our own book.  Yes, occasional pokes of fun to remind each other we were together did occur, but we have had many hours of "Reading Parties" over the years.  Even now as young adults, the girls will still call out for "A Reading Party."

RAFT Starts This Week!

RAFT, despite what it sounds like, is not, in this case, a mode of transport on water.

Our RAFT stands for: Reading Aloud Family Time.

RAFT Time Is Here!

Come have fun reading aloud to your kids AND earn a free hardback copy of the Jungle Book! Do you want a chance to win a DVD of the Disney movie The Jungle Book? Then get to your local Mid-Continent Branch and sign up for RAFT to join in the fun. 

Join R.A.F.T. for a Wild Ride

Today is the beginning of our annual RAFT program. This year during MCPL’s 2011 Read Aloud Family Time (RAFT) program, families who read three multi-chapter books together will earn a free hardback copy of The Jungle Book, an award certificate, and a chance to win a DVD copy of Disney’s film version The Jungle Book.

R.A.F.T. Means Read Aloud Family Time

Every year when the Reading Aloud Family Time Program comes around, I am reminded of the impact spending time reading with your kids can make. 

My daughter was a very reluctant second grade reader.  Her reading skills needed a lot of improvement. No matter how many books I bought or how many books we checked out at the library for her to read, she just wasn’t interested. 

Leer en Voz Alta Tiempo con la Familia (Read Aloud Family Time)

Leamos en voz alta en compañía de nuestra familia (Let's read out loud with our family)
RAFT es un programa para promover la alfabetización y recompensa a las familias que leen juntas. Las familias que leen tres libros, ganan una versión de tapa dura de “El libro de la selva”, un certificado y una oportunidad de ganar una copia en DVD de la película animada de Disney “El libro de la selva.”

Just Who's Hanging Out at the Lee's Summit Branch?

You may have noticed that it’s a real jungle at the Lee’s Summit Branch. We’ve got two elephants on the wall, a host of monkeys all over the building, and a giant tree growing in the corner. All of this is in honor of R.A.F.T. (Read Aloud Family Time) and this year’s R.A.F.T. book, The Jungle Book. In fact, check out our tree.