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Do you remember the first time you walked into your local public library? Did a single book title change your life? Did a librarian change the way you thought? Mid-Continent Public Library is celebrating 50 years of service, and we want to hear your stories. Submit your own story below or browse through our collection of community stories.

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Excelsior Springs

I have been utilizing the services of the Excelsior Springs Library all of my life. Growing up, I participated in the Summer Reading Program and would often spend my Saturdays at the Library with my mother, who used it to trace our genealogy. Now, I am able to take my daughter with me as I...

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Introducing My Grandson to the Library!

When he was two years old, I wanted to take my grandson to a place he could enjoy that day and for many years as he grew. I envisioned us coming often to read and check out books and enjoy storytime. He was hesitant as we approached the door of the Riverside Branch. We went in, and the first...

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Still Haven't Seen Everything

The new location is so easy to get to from Topeka. Every time we come, we find new books, more info, helpful staff, and a pleasant place to work. We’ve been coming for many years and still haven’t seen everything! It is also great to be able to get our own books and not waste time waiting for...

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Renewed Genealogy Interest

I’ve been working on the Gray family for almost 10 years. When I decided to work on this, I went to Pendleton County, Kentucky and the local library had microfiche that gave me great information. With that information, I was able to make contact with two other people I never knew and we’re now...

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Welcoming Place

I love that the library is a welcoming place that I can bring my kids, and that they enjoy coming and picking out their books and movies and playing with the dinosaurs. I especially appreciate programs such as The Night Before Christmas Carol that my family was able to attend this year...

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